• The aim of the group is to provide support, discussion and sharing of experiences and information. It is intended to build self esteem and help members take positive steps to recovery. The group is not intended to “fix it” for other people but as an arena for sharing what has helped others.In order that the group may be enjoyed by everyone and is of benefit to the group members, please be aware of the following rules.

  • Each Group is intended only for people who experience that particular condition. It therefore follows that the facilitators themselves may occasionally be unable to attend if unwell, and on those occasions the group may be without a facilitator.

  • Make sure new members feel welcome.

  • Switch off mobiles or make sure they are on silent.

  • Confidentiality. All personal information given in the course of group discussion will not be discussed outside the group (exceptions to this rule are if someone discloses that they are a serious risk to them selves and / or others, terrorism, child protection issues, risk to vulnerable adults or treason).

  • Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave (but will be free to return the following week).

  • Self harming or showing recent injuries is not permitted in the group.

  • There must be no method sharing or graphic descriptions either.

  • Respect other peoples’ views and beliefs and be non-judgemental.

  • Freedom to choose whether or not to speak. Only one person to speak at a time. Everyone should be given the opportunity to talkif they want to, be consciousof leaving time for others to join in.

  • Be aware of the Code of Conduct Policy on display-abusive behaviour or language directed at others willnot be tolerated.

  • Always keep yourself safe. Only share information you are comfortable to make known to others Feel free to leave at any point during the meeting.

  • When speakers have been invited please be punctual.

  • Feel free to discuss your opinion on the group with the facilitator.



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